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More power to you boys!

Published: 21.09.2023 ( 8 months ago )

Head of Outdoor Education, Ian Martin reports that the camp is in high spirits, despite a night of rain lashing against their tents

They are walking a leisurely 10km today, but the total journey is just under 50km.

The four-day assessment expedition will use the skills of campcraft, navigation and teamwork.

As per the assessment criteria, the expedition will be remotely supervised to allow a sense of freedom and to allow them to take responsibility for themselves. The trek started from the coast at Ravensglass and will finish on Sunday at Keswick.

Phones have been banned and they’ve had to shop supplies on a strict budget. During the practice trek in Snowdonia, one group thought it had been a good idea to buy huge packets of pasta, and not much else and so were extremely hungry by the end of it. Let’s hope this time they are better prepared, and have a few contrabrand snacks hidden away..