St Davids College

Tudor 7

Meet the Yorkists, the Lancastrians and Elizabeth I

Published: 06.10.2023 ( 7 months ago )

The new topic this term is ‘Roses & Royals’, and during the first week of term the pupils visited Plas Mawr-the finest surviving Elizabethan town house anywhere in Britain

The classes were also split into the Yorkists and the Lancastrians.

At Plas Mawr they spotted lots of Tudor emblems in the Great Hall and found out some unusual facts. Did you know some wealthy Tudors slept sitting up to protect themselves from evil spirits?

As part of our Tudor topic, the classes followed a step-by-step Art tutorial to teach them some new techniques and help produce some incredible Henry VIII sketches.

However, yesterday was the most fun and interesting day yet. In the glorious surroundings of the Minstrel Hall dating from the Tudor period, the children had a Tudor workshop with @pastproductiontheatre! A regal looking Queen Elizabeth I visited us, taught some Tudor dance moves, and swordsmanship and looked on disdainfully as the Yorkists and Lancastrians battled it out. Altogether Year 5 & 6 are having an especially enjoyable start to the academic year.