St Davids College


Meet the new House Parents of Tryfan Boarding House

Published: 20.08.2023 ( 9 months ago )

Over the Summer, Dr Hughes and his family are moving into Tryfan, the couple have two young children Walter, five, and Erin, two, not forgetting Mollie the Collie!

They are very keen to carry on the incredible legacy that Nick Cogger and his family have left, after six years in the role. Tryfan always shines in house events, and Dr Hughes admits he’s also quietly competitive like Mr Cogger.

“I’ve been at St David’s College for two and a half years and what struck me quite quickly was the community feel the school has,” said Dr Hughes.

“The ethos here and the environment itself is special, and it will be fantastic for my children to grow up in such a beautiful place.”

Dr Hughes continues: “Sarah and I want to reinforce the family atmosphere at Tryfan, we will be celebrating birthdays in the house, and we are both very big on Christmas, and we are already discussing fairy lights and Christmas trees!”

Over the Summer Dr Hughes says he and Sarah are both keen to make the house feel a little homelier and refresh the décor. Once the new school year starts, they are looking forward to celebrating big events like the forthcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 taking place in France, and events such as Chinese New Year and St David’s Day.

“I’m looking forward to engaging in the house activities, not just the sporting ones but in the more creative ones like the House Pantomimes,” said Dr Hughes.

“Sarah has been involved with Llandudno Youth Music Theatre, and I’m looking forward to be taking part in the Tryfan house walk with the Outdoor Education Team.”

The couple met at Bangor University, later moving to Cardiff where Dr Hughes studied for his PhD at Cardiff’s prestigious School of Business, at Cardiff University. He enjoys rugby (plays for Colwyn Bay Rugby Team), gardening and travelling.

“Nick has done an amazing job and his boots will be large ones to fill,” said Dr Hughes.

“I liked the way he engaged with the Tryfan pupils, he was always very gentle, and I hope to emulate that, Sarah and I can’t wait to get started and to welcome the boarders back into the house.”

Good luck to the Hughes family, and we are sure everyone at Tryfan house will give you a warm welcome.