St Davids College

Careers Day web 16

Designing furniture for the super rich

Published: 17.03.2023 ( a year ago )

Entrepreneur Jason Chadda and Helen Moore, former nurse/midwife and manager for a multi-national company chatted to the pupils about their career journeys

Mr Chadda is a business development manager for SilverLining Furniture Group Ltd a Wrexham based company, which designs and makes exquisite museum standard one off pieces of furniture for private homes, super yachts and private jets.

He brought some examples of the materials and designs that they do to show the pupils.

“My story is certainly not one from A to B, I’ve done lots of different things including leaving school at 16, became a golf professional and then got into a private equity firm in the city.

“I would say do what you love, I fell into the furniture business 10 years ago, and we’ve grown from 20 employees to 70.”

He added: “What I do doesn’t feel like work, and I would also urge you to stay curious and always have that chat with someone, that cup of coffee is never wasted and always ask for help most people are happy to give it.”

Helen Moore also spoke to the pupils, she is a former midwife who went on to spend 24 years in Sales, Marketing and HR.

She became Vice President across multiple markets and led large multinational teams. Helen is also a Fellow of the Chartered institute of Professional Development (HR qualification equivalent to Masters), has a Certified applied masters in organisational change and human behaviour.

She is also a certified coach. Retiring from her senior role in September 22, Helen is now back to practicing nursing and in the process of setting up her own business.

Helen is Dyslexic and dyscalculic, a 11+ failure and was told she wouldn’t do very well in life.

Year 12 student Oliver commented after the session: “Talking to each person gave an insight into how you can have many different pursuits within your career and do not have to choose a narrow career path and stick with it.

Thanks to Jason and Helen for giving up their free time.