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Fantastic skiing and gelato in the Italian Alps

Published: 09.03.2023 ( a year ago )

The 19 strong group skied in the Ponte di Legno Tonale ski area in Italy that covers a vast alpine area that spans the boarder of the Trentino and Lombardy regions.

Snowdon Housemaster Jonathan Demery, his wife Ann, and 1:1 teacher Danielle Peevor took the group that was packed with a raft of talented skiers from eager intermediates through to experienced alpine racers.

Oliver in Year 11 said: “I really enjoyed the fact that we were all together.

“We weren’t split up into different year groups it was just all of us together and it gave us a chance to get to know some of the kids in the different years.”

Sophie Bartwicki in Year 7 added: “This was my first ski trip with the school, and I really enjoyed it, I would recommend any St David’s pupil to go.

“Apart from the skiing, one of my favourite parts was going out after dinner and seeing the resort. “We had a little bit of independence to go to the different shops, it was great.”

Mr Demery said: “We all had a wonderful time, with the group in ski school for around four hours a day and then had some free skiing with us for another hour or two.

“The pupils also enjoyed some incredible Italian gelato and crepes each day as we walked back to the hotel after a hard day's skiing.”

He added: “In the evenings the hotel has a large swimming pool and hot tub, perfect to unwind after a day on the snow, the village is a traditional walled mountain village with many quaint covered wooden bridges crossing the numerous mountain rivers. It’s lovely for a walk around in the evening with many interesting shops and cafes. ”