St Davids College


Bright sparks

Published: 10.10.2023 ( 7 months ago )

Two teams of some of our brightest pupils from Year 12 are taking part in the EESW project

“The Engineering Education Scheme in Wales” is a STEM-based project to encourage students to consider a career in the science industries.

This year we are working with Catapult Energy, the UK’s leading Technology Innovation and Research Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy.

The project is focused on exploring new technologies to monitor the environment impact of offshore wind projects. Staff and students have lots of ideas how to tackle this challenge.

Around 600 students take part in the EESW Project each year from all over Wales. During the project students will research and design a solution and produce a final proposal, model or working prototype.

Following a two- or three-day workshop in December at a local university or college, a written report will be submitted in February/March.

The teams will then attend an Awards and Presentation Day in North or South Wales in March or April, where they will display their work at an exhibition stand and give a presentation to a panel of assessors. Awards of up to £500 will be presented.

We will keep you posted with our progress! Good luck guys!