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Year 12 Leadership Day

Published: 22.09.2022 ( a year ago )

All Year 12 pupils took part in a specially designed Leadership Day last week, as part of their introduction to life as a Sixth Former at St David’s College.

Hosted by the Outdoor Education Department, the pupils took part in a range of different activities that helped them see and experience different leadership styles and explore ways that they can personally develop.

Working in small groups, a variety of physical, mental and team challenges were navigated across the school campus and culminated in a session on personal well-being to help maintain peak performance during the term and beyond.

Debating, conversation and delegation, were just some of the life skills that the pupils were able to practice. Identifying personal character strengths and how to use them to flourish, is part of a St David’s College initiative that is currently being championed across the whole school community with all our staff and pupils involved.

Moving into the Sixth Form is a big transition, and often a formative part of the education experience for any pupil. Having the chance to be exposed to these kinds of leadership scenarios and spend structured time thinking about how they can be their best, is yet another thing that sets St David’s College apart
Mr Ian Martin, Head of Outdoor Education