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Molly's Artistic Journey

Published: 27.01.2022 ( 2 years ago )

St David’s College is renowned for discovering and nurturing the talent of our pupils. Molly O'Leary left the school this summer after studying A’levels in fine art, geography and English literature.

Molly is now at Lancaster University studying fine art and is enjoying every minute of it. Her love for art especially blossomed during lockdown. She’s inspired by the work of Edward Hooper, Jenny Saville and Egon Schiele.

“The university site is away from the city and is in a really beautiful spot,” said Molly.

“I’ve already got my own studio and the tutors are really great and everyone is really friendly.”

Molly had thought of studying geography at university but says following her passion for art has been the right choice.

She explains: “A lot of people outside of St David’s College told me that I’d never make any money as an artist, that it’s so tough."

But what I loved about St David’s was that the teachers nurture the talent of pupils and encourage them.

She continued:

Mrs Hughes and Mr Scarf from the Art Department sat me down and said I should really look at doing fine art, and because of the small classes they were able to go through everything with me.

"I had thought of doing an art foundation course, but in the end I went straight to university and I’m so glad that I did.”