St Davids College

Head Girl Orchard 12

Head Girl’s Orchard – Sophie’s Legacy

Published: 25.03.2022 ( 2 years ago )

A beautiful legacy is to be left by this year’s Head Girl in the form of a new fruit orchard that is to be established in the grounds close to the Battlements.

As a child, Sophie Hunt, has fond memories of picking fruit in her grandfather’s orchard, she even remembers using a little basket to carry her bounty.

She hopes in years to come staff and pupils will also be able to pick and enjoy all sorts of fruit from her orchard from apples to plums and pears.

Sophie who is studying A ‘levels in English, Geography and Biology in the Sixth Form and is hoping to go on to either Bath or Edinburgh University to take psychology with a neuroscience degree, explains why she wants to establish an orchard.

“My mother has a gardening business and during the summer I help her out and so I’ve grown up learning about plants and trees and so on,” she said.

“I just thought planting fruit trees in a part of the garden that Rev. Tim Hall is currently developing would be a lovely idea and thankfully he was immediately also enthusiastic about supportive,” continued Sophie, who lives in Ruthin.

And next year’s head girl will carry on planting trees and the one after that and so on.

“Little plaques will be put next to the trees to show who has planted the tree and who knows they may inspire other future head girls.”

Sophie is also planning to plant bee-friendly wildflowers along the drive to school.

“One of my favourite things about my time at St David’s College is its beautiful surroundings,”

“I like nothing more than in the summer just sitting in the grounds with my friends, taking it all in.”