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From North Wales to Ibiza by bike

Published: 08.08.2022 ( a year ago )

We are very proud to announce that the old Davidean Aiden O’Leary was one of a group of eleven intrepid cyclists who pedalled their way from Llandudno, North Wales, to the Balearic island of Ibiza this summer.

This group of courageous bikers raised almost £10,000 so far for two charities, Cancer Research and The New Normal.

Over seven days, these eleven young men cycled over 100 miles a day, catching sleep and replenishing lost calories wherever possible, travelling down through France via the stunning but most challenging terrain of the French Alps before reaching their final destination in Spain. The idea for the trip was instigated by Ross Howcroft Jones, a young teacher and friend of Aiden’s, who lost his mother to cancer on Boxing Day 2020, and it saw an already close knit group of local cyclists become a proper band of brothers linked by their experiences and by their true grit and determination.

You can follow the full story and/or make a donation following the links below: