St Davids College


Canoe Expedition

Published: 17.06.2022 ( a year ago )

Year 12 BTEC Outdoor Pupils, recently completed an overnight 'Canoe Expedition' as part of their course, and as a training expedition, ready for a longer one next October.

This canoe expedition was a particularly unusual expedition to take place, due to the strong winds forecast. Normally most people would avoid canoeing in these conditions but with highly skilled pupils and a all our canoes fitted out with individual sailing rigs, we were able to make the most of the conditions and use them to our advantage. Setting off from Caernarfon on the Menai Strait we tested our tidal planning calculations and travelled down wind and with the tide all the way to Beaumaris. We had an overnight camp along the way to practice camp skills and to fit in with tidal flow in the Menai Strait. The canoe sailing was extremely fun and exciting and many of the skills learnt in sailing dinghies, up at Llyn Brenig earlier in the year, could be transferred to make a safe and adventurous journey. This was the first ever group from St David's College to canoe sail the Menai Strait. A fine achievement.