St Davids College


1stXV Rugby Players Awards

Published: 22.06.2022 ( a year ago )

Last Saturday, the 18th, we celebrated the 1stXV Rugby annual awards dinner at St David's, but with a twist: we treated ourselves to a hog roast at school.

Our Year 11, 12, and 13 pupils, as well as their families and friends, were invited to join us for an evening of sharing success and memories from the year, which included the Rendcomb competition, our trip to Blackpool, and the fantastic Gibraltar tour - a long-awaited excursion with great results and tonnes of learning for our players. With all of the year's uncertainties and unpredictability, we were adamant that we would celebrate the season and wish our departing year 13 the best on the next leg of their journey.

The fact that this moment was shared allowed parents to mingle and witness first-hand the cohesion and bond of this wonderful group, as well as how education here goes far beyond the classroom; educating not only good students but great people.

After dinner, we moved on to the award ceremony, which was a memorable moment for all of us. The winners were as follows:

Alex Quinlivan most improved Year 11

Archie Grant most improved year 12

Jonny Clayton most improved year 13

Tom Hughes Players Player

Tom Hughes Coaches Player

Owain Evans Jouer of the Year

Jamie Booth Champagne Moment of the season

Titus Jones Haribo hit of the season

Well done boys and as you know: #NeverGiveUP, we are so proud of you all and we wish you the best for the future.