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Titus Jones Cheshire Call Up

Published: 03.12.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Year 12 pupil Titus has moved one step closer to achieving his ambition of becoming a professional rugby player with selection to the U18 Cheshire Rugby Team.

As well as county rugby the 17-year-old from Ruthin also plays at club level with Lymm Rugby Club and was selected for St David’s College XV by Dan Lycett when he was just 14.

He currently trains or plays rugby seven days a week and is studying Geography A’level, DT, PE, and Outdoor Education in the Sixth Form.

He says he wouldn’t have it any other way because during lockdown, he found it very tough (not being able to play ) being isolated from his teammates and his favourite sport (with his teams.)

“It was also like a punch to the stomach when I couldn’t really say my farewells to the likes of Dan Jones, Dan Johnson, and Ted Lyons when they left when I had been playing rugby with them for so long,” he said.

“Those boys had always made me feel so welcome and they always treated me like I was a valuable asset.”

Titus explains why he loves the sport: “I’m 6ft4 and weigh around 16 stone, and I love the physicality of the game and being in a team, we are brothers in arms at St David’s and I’m just so proud of that.”

He describes meeting Adam Jones, the Wales rugby legend, as a nine-year-old as like “meeting a god”.

“It was after meeting him that I decided I wanted to become a professional player and I think being picked for Cheshire is a big step forward,” said Titus.

He added: “It means all the hard work and all the driving and so on has paid off and I’m so happy.

“Mr Lycett and Ross in the PE department has been a mentor to me throughout school and his encouragement helped me find a love for sport and strength and conditioning.”

Everyone at St David’s College would like to congratulate Titus on making the Cheshire squad