St Davids College

Tim 6

Rev. Tim Hall's Garden

Published: 15.10.2021 ( 2 years ago )

At the end of last term, Rev. Tim Hall stepped down as school Chaplain after an extraordinary 50 years' service to St David’s College. He says he’s always been fond of a project and has found a new one developing a beautiful garden close to the school’s moat.

Instead of growing vegetables, Tim’s garden is going to be filled with flowers which will then be picked and put in vases around the school.

“I think it would be very hard to grow enough vegetables to feed the whole school,” he explained.

“What I want to help doing is to generate beauty, one of the founding principles of St David’s is to create awareness of wonder.”

Rev. Hall who admits doesn’t know very much about gardening or plants, said he’s currently becoming a fan of Monty Don and has been enjoying watching his TV coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show.

“When I became the sailing master I hadn’t even sailed a boat before, it’s the same when I set up the Marketing Department and ran some activities, but I throw myself into things completely,” said Rev Tim with a smile.

“I can envisage a cabin with decking, and perhaps a couple of benches and pupils can come and enjoy the beauty.”

Raised beds have already been constructed, bulbs already planted and some of the pupils alongside the Welsh teacher Mrs. Hughes have planted seedlings in the greenhouse ready for planting out.

Rev. Hall added: “It’s also a more sustainable way to grow flowers, far greener than having them flowing in from places like Africa.”