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Lions' Gate Upgrades

Published: 10.02.2021 ( 3 years ago )

Before Christmas, work started on upgrades for Lion’s Gate, the iconic entryway that thousands of St David’s College pupils have passed through since the school opened in 1965. Over the half-term break, the Estates Team and external contractors finished the work ensuring we were ready for our pupils' return.

The £50,000 investment in Lion’s Gate forms part of a much wider facilities upgrade plan that will be revealed later this year. The works have improved pedestrian access, traffic flow, and staff & visitors parking on-site and secured the school landmark for many years to come.

Head of Estates, Paul Gibson said "The Estates department continues to make improvements to our facilities to benefit all pupils, staff, and visitors. Safety is the most important aspect of our work, with traffic management been a major priority. We started with improvements to the forecourt area in 2019 and have now been able to focus on the main drive. We have improved car parking for staff and provided better pedestrian safety, from the recently extended car park and our extended "Augusta" girls boarding house up the main school buildings. The new raised road crossing and protected footpath will greatly reduce the risk to all users."

"These improvements will also benefit vehicles visiting the site, with new improved road signage, road markings, and the removal of parked vehicles parked on the drive between Lions Gate and Chelsea House."

"We are all extremely proud of our school site and have some fantastic plans for the future, with huge improvements and upgrades to the facilities, that will greatly improve what is already a great place to be for both pupils and staff."

It’s an extremely exciting time to be part of the St David’s College family with the full range of investments in the school site set to be revealed later on this year. Keep up to date with all the latest news by following the School Blog and all our Social Media.