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Goats on the Drive

Published: 06.10.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Llandudno’s most famous residents paid an unexpected visit to St David's College this week.

Our Deputy Head, Steve Delaney, had to write an email he never thought he’d have to write warning staff there were Billy goats on the school drive!

The Kashmiri goats achieved worldwide fame during the first lockdown when images emerged of them taking over the streets of a then ghostly Llandudno.

The images went viral and captured the public’s imagination. They trended on Twitter, there were political cartoons in broadsheets featuring the goats and appeared on TV channels from Australia to California.

The American comedian Ellen DeGeneres told her 77million Twitter followers that Llandudno was the first place she wanted to be after the Coved pandemic was over.

The herd is around 80 strong, and normally reside on the Great Orme, and have been doing so for well over 100 years.

The billy goats looked very much at home on the school grounds, and in a way, they have come home.

Queen Victoria gifted a pair of goats to the then Lord Mostyn who brought them here to Goldwater Hall.

As they were too fond of munching the Lord’s prize-winning roses they were swiftly relocated to the Great Orme.