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Experiments Continued During School Shutdown

Published: 30.04.2021 ( 3 years ago )

Year 7 pupils were able to do some practical work at home thanks to the school’s enterprising new Chemistry teacher.

Doctor of Chemistry, Dr. Rob Hughes sent plant pots, radish seeds, and soil to the homes of all his pupils so that they could see for themselves how nutrients affected plant growth.

Along with the instructions on how to carry out the experiment, pupils were sent:

A container, some cotton wool, some sand, ph paper, and most importantly some seeds.

“It was a mixed bag of results to be honest,” joked Dr. Hughes. “Some of the pupils forgot to water the radishes, but it was a good way to get some practical work carried out at home.”

He added: “It’s important with the younger years to keep the enthusiasm going and hoping they’ll fall in love with chemistry.”

Dr. Hughes, 29, has recently moved to the area from Cardiff, where he spent three years teaching at a Catholic high school.

“St David’s is obviously a very different place to a high school in Cardiff, to me it’s like a small village with its own culture.”

“It’s a very friendly place, and I’ve enjoyed during the past week meeting all the pupils properly as I hadn’t met them before apart from teaching them online.”

Dr. Hughes added: “You can’t beat being in a class teaching, I really looking forward to getting stuck in with all the practical work.”

Welcome to St David's College Dr. Hughes