St Davids College

Exeat Nov 2021 Llanberis Snowdon Lliwedd Pen y Pass 29

Exeat Weekend Micro-Expedition

Published: 22.11.2021 ( 2 years ago )

This weekend, 14 pupils undertook a micro expedition to Llanberis during the school Exeat. 10 of the pupils became the first-ever pupils to test St David’s College’s new, purpose-built canoe sailing rigs.

Each boat has been equipped with its own mast and sail to allow pupils to use wind power to transport them across the water during outdoor education lessons,. This is allowing them to learn new skills and experience the power of renewable energy first hand and in a practical way.

Three pupils chose to do an extreme hike from the village of Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon. They reached the summit incredibly quickly, giving each other a big ‘Well done’ by 11.30 am on a Sunday morning. Not satisfied with just the highest mountain in Wales they opted to carry on and finish with the latter half of the famous Snowdon horseshoe. This involved traversing the knife-edge ridge of Lliwedd before descending to Pen y Pass. For one pupil, this was their first-ever mountain walk!

A mighty fine effort from St David’s College pupils – The adventuring spirit lives on.