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St David's College Garage

Published: 22.07.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Exciting times ahead for St David's College Garage

The school garage will be a hive of activity in the coming years with plans to completely rebuild a 1958 Land Rover.

This ambitious project will be overseen by Phil Mulvihill - an aircraft engineer at Airbus and Cader Idris houseparent. As well as the rebuild, Mr. Mulvihill also plans to sell off motorbikes that have been restored in the garage over the years by pupils and tutors.

He is aiming to sell one of the Land Rover’s that were used for the school’s famous 4x4 off-road driving activity, but that doesn't mean the end of the road for St David's 4 wheeled fun:

“We plan to bring back a greener activity by buying three off-road buggies with the proceeds from the Land Rover and the motorbikes,” said Mr. Mulvihill.
“There would be a buggy for each house, and as they’ll have much smaller engines then they’ll be a lot more environmentally friendly than the Land Rovers.”
He added: “I’m pretty sure the buggies will be a lot of fun and will go down very well with the pupils!”

This initiative for the garage will form part of the new and revitalised activities program that will be coming on stream this September. The relaxation of COVID restrictions will allow St David's to return to its award-winning ways with new and exciting plans to be announced soon.