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Christmas Fayre is a huge hit!

Published: 09.12.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Tryfan house captain Deanna Craven has been busy organising the school’s Christmas Fayre, she’s promised science and music stalls and even a Fair Trade chocolate fountain.

With a mixture of festive-looking wooden cabins and stalls and tables indoors, the Christmas Fayre had a wide range of activities on offer and proved to be a huge hit!

Not only is Deanna our Science Prefect, she is also our school netball captain and in her spare time, volunteers to help SEN children swim. She really is a great role model for the younger pupils.

Deanna said she wanted to organise something that would bring the whole school together.

“As well as science stalls, we’ve got a book swap stall and a Spanish one that will be selling homemade Churros,” said Deanna.

“The DT department is selling Christmas decorations they’ve busily been making, and there’s going to be a flight simulator too."

All the stalls will be run by teachers and pupils. Dr Rob Hughes has even built a replica Coca-Cola Christmas truck!

Head of Boarding and Assistant Head Pastoral Care Sue Davies will be running a personality quiz that rumour has it involves reindeer heads, and the art department will be making a very long paper chain with messages written by the pupils.

“I’ve had a few sleepless nights,” admits Deanna, who excels at all of her subjects (Maths, Biology, and English) and wants to study criminology/ forensics.

“Mr Davis and Mr Goodwin have been amazing, offering me support and helping me organise it. I was so happy that everyone enjoyed it so much”

To organise the event Deanna had to pitch her plan to Mrs Baines, St David’s Bursar, and carry out a health and safety assessment.

St David’s would like to congratulate Deanna on organising the event.