St Davids College


Awards Assemblies - Year 5&6 and Year 12 (Lower 6th)

Published: 30.06.2021 ( 2 years ago )

Today was the turn of years 5 & 6 and year 12 to have their awards assemblies. Mr Russell spoke about how difficult change is to manage and praised all the pupils for how well they have grown this year. He explained that they won’t quite realise the qualities they have developed until such qualities are called upon in the future. The PE & Sports Department awarded the bronze, silver and gold Sports Triple AAA certificates and pupils were also presented with Merit awards.

Mr. Davies our Head of Sixth Form spoke of how proud he was that each one of our Year 12 pupils had shown such maturity and responsibility during these trying times. As the new leaders in the St David's College student body, their role in the coming year will be more important than ever. He announced the Merit awards and handed out all of the certificates.

To celebrate the end of their primary education, every pupil in year 6 was treated to a poem from a year 5 pupil about themselves, their qualities and the support they had given to that individual over this academic year. It was wonderful to hear how kind the year 5 and 6 pupils are to one another. This was also shown in Mrs George and Miss Fielden’s ‘Most likely to become…’ awards for the year 6 pupils.

In the future, we look forward to cheering on artists, scientists, journalists, chefs, film directors and Olympic medal winners to name but a few! Year 6 pupils were presented with some lovely framed pictures of their class as well as copies of the poems. Rev Tim Hall read Martin Luther King’s prayer about hope and freedom after encouraging pupils to look at the beauty around us and to do something kind for someone else. Year 6 then enjoyed a picnic in the beautifully decorated pergola marquee on the top lawn to celebrate.