St Davids College


"I wish more schools were like St David’s"

Published: 06.11.2023 ( 8 months ago )

We’ve let him settle in for a few weeks before we sat down with him for a chat, and for his first impressions of his new role and how he hopes it will evolve in the future

Tell us a bit about yourself Re. Sam? I’m originally from Ruabon, in Wrexham, and before anyone asks, I’ve always been a fan of Wrexham Football Club, way before a certain Mr Ryan Reynolds bought it.

I’ve got four children under eight, they are called Rhiannon, Eiranwen (Snow white in Welsh), Ieuan and Gwenllian-they’ll certainly never be lonely!

I’m married to my amazing wife, Karen, who is also an amazing mum.

Why did you want to become a school, Chaplain? I’ve come from a teaching background myself.

I taught at a local primary school, specialising in music and science, and more recently I was a Parish Priest so I thought I could combine the two, and when the opportunity came up at St David’s, I had to go for it.

I’ve really appreciated the support and guidance, the former Chaplain, Rev. Tim Hall, has offered.

What are you hoping to achieve at St David’s? I’m hoping to guide the pupils, staff and the Old Davidean Association to explore the Christian faith if they’d like to. I’d like to guide it gently.

There are some big plans regarding the chaplaincy that are going to open up a range of activities and initiatives where pupils, families, staff, and Old Davidians will be given opportunities to engage with that element of something which is beyond themselves. Above all, I want the chaplaincy department to be something which enhances the care and overall experience of the St David's pupil, whether they believe in God or not.

When and why did you feel a calling to become a Priest? Believe it or not when I was about four or five! I was at church with my parents, and I just thought the priest taking the service was charismatic and inspirational and I knew I wanted to do what he did.

I used to play the organ at Bangor Cathedral during the choir practices, and I realised I felt a calling and went to speak to the Dean of the Cathedral, and he said he’d been waiting for me to come and talk to him.

What are you first impressions of the school? I’ve been amazed by the love and humanity that I’ve seen around the school, and how the pupils look out for each other. I honestly wish more schools was like St David’s.

What are your plans for the Chaplaincy? The Chaplaincy area is going to be brought alive again during break times.

Sei and I will be running activities, and if anyone wants to come for a chat we will be there-it will be a safe space for pupils to come, even if they just want to make a hot chocolate and have some time out.

They don’t have to come for a purpose, they can just be. We can even help with homework!