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Girls Boarding

As part of our girls boarding offering at St David’s College, our aim is simple - to provide a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment where all girls can flourish.

Providing excellent pastoral care is vital in any Boarding School. Our experienced house parents provide support and comfort that is key to our female boarders well-being and happiness. They work hard to create a “home away from home” feeling that is an open, relaxed, and friendly environment.

We work hard to mirror the values of a healthy home environment, nurture the individual, and assist her in overcoming the difficulties that young girls encounter in contemporary society.

Our staff are dedicated to always offering the support required in order to help each girl in our care reach her full potential. At St David's, this involves more than just offering support to students; it also includes encouraging respect among students and fostering a sense of community that helps to develop lifelong friendships.

New pupils will be given a “Buddy” to help them settle in for the first few weeks in the boarding house. These “Buddies” are pupils who have been selected to be part of our dedicated Buddy Programme which is overseen by our Pastoral Care Officers. Great care is taken to match new pupils and “Buddies” to help make sure the settling-in process goes smoothly.

I loved the idea of boarding. I loved the freedom and being independent and I was so excited to start. Buying all new bedroom stuff was the most exciting part of it, I just loved it.
Ellen Wright

Girls Boarding House - Augusta

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