St Davids College

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Boys Boarding

Providing exceptional pastoral care is a collective responsibility shared by all of us here at St David’s College. We work together to give every boy support, encouragement, confidence to make the most of their time with us.

House Parents and Residential Assistants work tirelessly to create a strong family atmosphere in each boarding house. Every effort is made within the Boarding House to create a relaxed environment in which boys can work and relax as they would at home.

New pupils will be given a “Buddy” to help them settle in for the first few weeks in the boarding house. These “Buddies” are pupils who have been selected to be part of our dedicated Buddy Programme which is overseen by our Pastoral Care Officers. Great care is taken to match new pupils and “Buddies” to help make sure the settling-in process goes smoothly.

Our Boarding House have a number of communal spaces where boys can unwind together, whether by watching television, playing table tennis, or preparing a snack in the kitchen.

It’s basically having fun with a load of your best mates - I regard them as family
Cai Riley