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Working in collaboration to feed the most vulnerable.

This week saw the second time Catering Manager, Will Jones has opened the kitchen doors at St David's College to donate essential food items to 3rd Space Kitchen and Bar who is cooking up meals for those most in need.

Old Davidean (ex-pupil) and proprietor of 3rd Space (located in the heart of Llandudno) Gavin Mart took an early decision to close the doors and set up an ‘emergency kitchen’ to provide free pre-prepared meals to the community; the elderly, vulnerable and homeless. On the first day of operation (pre lockdown), 70 free meals were prepared and delivered to a homeless shelter and a food bank. Since then more than 1000 meals have been prepared and delivered by 3rd Space to the community’s most vulnerable.

Gavin’s initiative is reliant on donations. Gavin returned to the school kitchen where he met Will Jones to venture deep into its stores for the much-needed ingredients. From this donation the

3rd space team were able to prepare a 3-course meal; carrot and coriander soup, a selection of main course ready meals and apple and plum custard crumble to finish. The meals were then delivered directly to the doors of those identified as in immediate need of food by the local council’s COVID response team.

St David’s College was founded with a vision to “… lay such foundations of character as will send our pupils out to play an effective part in a world…”. It is no surprise to us that Gavin would set up such an initiative as it is just one many set up since he left the school. 3rd Space, although set up on the high street as a retail business, has a core principle inspired by the sociocultural notion of the 3rd sector. 1st space = Home, 2nd space = Work, 3rd Spaces around the world are for everything else that matters in our lives as humans. It has a mission to serve the community through cultural engagement. Gavin believes “Now is the time for us to lead, to innovate and pioneer and to live up to these guiding principles.”

Please consider donating so that Gavin and his dedicated team at 3rd Space Kitchen & Bar can continue their important work. Donations can be made via their website: www.3rdspace.wales and PayPal: info@3rdspace.wales.

Follow the story on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thirdspacellandudno

3rd Space were featured on the excellent channel 4 documentary 'a day in the life of coronavirus Britain'. Catch a glimpse of Will and our canteen, as it follows Gavin.

Watch here:



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