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"We try and bring history to life"

Although we teach a subject that is all about the past, we hope that here in the History Department we are actually looking forward. 

As a department we have invested in dynamic learning this year which encourages the use of technology and is a great interactive experience. We encourage the use of laptops in lessons and each class has an online team and class notebook they can use. This greatly enhances their learning and means that a lot of work can be interactive. 

We enjoy teaching in and outside the classroom. With a school like ours it is important to bring history to life. For those pupils who struggle with lots of reading and writing, we enjoy being as hands on as possible. This can be as simple as making Roman poo sticks ( a stick with a sponge on) to educational field work.  We are just about to visit the Battlefields in France and Belgium in the next couple of weeks. The pupils will hopefully not be handling explosives, but will be given expert guidance of the trench systems. This is just one of the regular trips that we strive to do at least every two years. This will be our third visit. We also do regular visits to the Tower of London and Imperial War museum. We also have wandered the fog ridden streets of Whitechapel in search of the infamous Jack the Ripper!

Although we don’t quite have the energy of the Horrible Histories Team, or their amazing singing talents, we do try to be as enthusiastic about our subject and “ bring it to life” as much as possible. This approach has proved popular with many students taking the subject for GCSE and A level, with some going on to university to continue their studies. 


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