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The Year 5 & 6 Polar Explorers

During these cold winter months, our Year 5 and 6 pupils have been making the most of conditions by giving their studies a ‘Polar Theme’. The cross-curricular links into Arctic and Antarctic life were incorporated into various subjects, such as History, Art, Geography, Design, Science, English throughout the term.

Starting with the basics, we learnt about where the Polar regions are and who lives there, (people and animals). Then we looked at different modes of Polar Travel – from mechanical skidoos, to basic snowshoes – and of course, traditional Husky Sledding, with an expedition report from our most recent 6th form Outdoor Education expedition to Arctic Sweden. Everyone got the chance to ‘Apply’ for a place on ‘Shackleton’s Polar Expedition’ and had to put forward an application that highlighted their personal character strengths and what they would bring to the team.

After studying Captain Scott’s famous expedition to the South Pole, the pupils wrote their own diary entries, based on Titus Oates’ famous last words “I’m going out and I may be some time”. This led to some fantastically evocative creative writing and Oscar-worthy recitals.

In conjunction with guest Scientists and Engineers, from the SIKU Project, pupils designed their own Polar transportation vehicles (using anything from Minecraft, Lego, Playdough to good old fashion pencil and paper), as well as working on machines that can help to re-freeze the Arctic to help the wildlife and indigenous populations of Polar regions combat global warming.

We had a Year 5 & 6 poster competition to promote the project. The winning design was created by Oakley Ryznar Year 6. Great work Oakley!

And of course, they finished the term, dressed up as Polar Explorers for our final lesson! Well done everyone! It’s been great fun and a wonderful way of learning!


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