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PPE delivered to front line staff by St David's DT Dept

St David’s College has leapt at the chance to support front-line workers by manufacturing

much needed personal safety equipment. Using 3D printers and laser cutters in their well-equipped DT lab, staff at St David’s have been able to create safety visors. DT teacher, Sion Jones and lab technician, Kate Bomphrey have so far distributed these visors to local NHS hospitals and care homes including A+E Llandudno Hospital, ITU in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Betws y Coed Surgery, Llanrwst Surgery, Bryn Marl and Coed-Isaf Nursing Homes.

Alice Seldon, Old Davidean and Governor was delighted today when some visors were delivered to nursing homes run by her parents. She commented:

“I saw one of the masks today and I was really emotional, I am immensely proud to have come from the St David's community, your army day-in-day-out put the needs of others above their own (with or without a global crisis). Some of the kindest and most impactful individuals I know are either products of this amazing place or are the teachers, mentors and ancillary staff that make the magic happen.

At St David’s it’s part of the everyday language to keep going, pick yourself up, pull together and never give up! I believe that we are all far more resilient in this current crisis because of our special school, because of the community, because of the ethos and because of the friendships.

Never Give Up......Never Ever Give Up.”

Alice’s parents also issued the following statement after receiving the donation. This demonstrates how desperate the need is for extra PPE within our community, certainly motivation to keep up production.

Bryn Marl Nursing Home (Llandudno Junction) and Coed-Isaf Nursing Home (Llanrhos) care for 72 patients and its proprietors have been delivering care in the county of Conwy for almost 34 years. Statement from the Directors

This COVID-19 crisis has made it incredibly difficult to access even basic supplies which we rely on regularly to care for our elderly residents.

Private sector care homes offer 20,000 beds to the elderly in Wales. In the efforts to free up as many Hospital Spaces to care for COVID-19 patients, homes like ours are being asked to admit hospital patients. Our patients are some of the most vulnerable and require extensive Nursing care, accepting new residents who aren’t being screened for the Virus at this unprecedented time is not only a risk to our current patients but also to our dedicated staff who are working gallantly to care for our vulnerable residents. We recognise our societal responsibility to do our part, but need to be prepared and equipped to do so. New residents are to be isolated from others for 7 days and due to their need for physical care which requires contact with our carers we have to follow barrier nursing principles, in which PPE plays a fundamental role.

Screens are only being offered where known cases are reported which is vastly different to the provisions in Public sector homes where even non-cases are being instructed to use full gowns, face screens, masks and gloves for any necessary contact care.

Receiving these face visors from St David’s College (Llandudno) has meant that we are now equipped to take 7 new patients and can better protect our dedicated staff and other residents during this crisis. The kindness shown from St David’s has boosted the morale of our Nurses and Carers, it allows them to continue the high level of care whilst being better equipped and better protected. Recognising everyone’s value to society has been uplifting during this pandemic, our country continues to pull together and these acts of kindness impact far more than some could imagine.

We are so grateful for the compassion and kindness shown by St David’s College and its Staff who have given up their well earned holidays to produce these vital pieces of equipment, which enable front-line care to be delivered in a safer manner and this sense of local community is inspiring.

John & Margaret Haydon Directors of Bryn Marl & Coed-Isaf Nursing Homes.


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