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St David's Alumni - Adam Williams

Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams, who owns and runs a string of other successful businesses in North Wales looks back at his school days at St David’s College with a great deal of affection.

The entrepreneur grew up on a farm in the Welsh countryside, his mother is from Welsh farming stock and his father was a traveling showman who eventually settled down in Rhyl. The town at this time was fast becoming one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK.

By the age of 16 Adam was already running his father’s nightclub called Downtown in Rhyl.

“I remember closing the shutters around 2am or 3am and getting a taxi home and then I’d be up at 6.30am to get the bus to St David’s on Saturday morning for school,” said Adam with a laugh.

“I come from a family of grafters but I also definitely got that work ethic from St David’s, I’ve always had that ‘Never give up’ attitude and that comes from the school.”

Adam’s two children are already at St David's saying his eldest loves Design & Technology and the more academic side, whilst his younger son loves sports, especially rugby.

“My third son is also set to join St David’s when he’s old enough,” he explained.

“I think the school is good at producing well-rounded people who can speak to anyone, there is no arrogance and to me that’s very important.”

Adam said his school days were filled with fun and remembers his teachers as mentors who always got the best out of him.

“I absolutely loved St David’s. I don’t really remember anything bad about it at all,” he said.

“You were taught in a creative way and to this day I know things that I could only have picked up at St David’s.”

“My favourite times was probably on the rugby pitch being taught by Mr Bargery and I loved DT.”

In his early 20s Adam would literally pack up his family’s fairground and take it all over the world. Roller coasters, big wheels and log flume rides would be packed up into trucks and taken to Southampton and loaded onto a ship, then shipped to Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai.

“The idea for this came when someone contacted us from Libya asking if we could take our rides there,” explained Adam.

“At the time we had some of the biggest rides in the UK, so for a few months of the year we’d be living in Hong Kong and literally millions of people would come to the fair as they hadn’t seen anything like it.”

He added: “It was a lot of fun for me and my staff of around 50 but it also took a lot of hard work and that resilience that I’ve got is thanks to St David’s College.”

Adam is one of the biggest employers in North Wales, but still finds time to help his son, also called Adam, with his DT projects.


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