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"Over the past three years, we have placed six students in industry"

Well over thirty years ago we introduced Computer Aided Design (CAD) into our curriculum and, at the time of instigation, the aim was to give our students not only a unique educational experience, but an advantage when applying for university places or for direct entry into work. You will be aware that CAD is now the cornerstone of many industries from Engineering and Architecture, Computer Games and Graphic Design to Forensic and Medical Sciences to name but a few. Over the years we have developed a CAD curriculum that goes well beyond the acquisition of qualifications, and our aim remains to equip students with a sound knowledge base and an exceptional skillset. In our continuing drive towards a wider and more relevant curriculum, we have developed schemes that allow us to partner with a wide range of industries. Indeed, we have several companies ‘on our books’ who are actively looking for students in order to offer them employment, either as technical or graduate apprentices, particularly in the field of Engineering.

Louis Dalton (Y13) has always had an interest in all things technical and, over the last two years, has developed his keen interest in 3D CAD (Engineering) to a professional level. He has committed a lot of his spare time in order to hone his skills to an industrial level. With this in mind, we approached one of our industrial partners (Helical Technology, based in Lytham, Lancs) and arranged a two-week placement for Louis that took place during the summer holidays. We did this so that Louis could get a feel for working in industry and for them to assess his ability and potential. The outcome from this experience is that they have offered him a full-time position and a place on their technical/graduate apprentice scheme as a Mechanical and Production Engineer. Louis will leave school this summer (2020), have a two-week break and then begin his full-time employment at Helical Technology in mid-July.

Currently we have several similar companies who are on the look-out for other potential students from SDC, and we have a continuous monitoring process at school to promote those with the right attitude and commitment to pursue careers in the Engineering sector. Over the past 3 years, we have placed 6 students into industry and all of them are thriving in their chosen careers, proving to be great assets and excellent ambassadors for the school.

Congratulations to Louis Dalton who has been offered a full-time position and a place on a graduate apprentice scheme as a Mechanical and Production Engineer.


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