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Our eco-warriors are determined to help save the Orangutans

Head of Catering at St David’s Will Jones had a grilling this week from Year 5 and 6 eco-warriors.

After having been shown Iceland's ‘No Palm Oil’ advert, that went viral after being banned from broadcast, the year groups decided they needed to do something to help the Orangutans.

The advert raises awareness of rampant deforestation by bringing an animated Orangutan to life to bring home the consequences of unfettered growth of palm oil plantations.

Year 5 teacher Emily Fielden explains: “I showed the pupils the advert and expected to have a five-minute discussion with them about it afterwards, but in the end, we cancelled all the lesson plans for the day to concentrate on setting up our own campaign on banning Palm Oil from our lives, and how it can be done.”

She continued: “The children even asked Will-the Head of Catering about whether there was any palm oil in any of the food served up at St David’s and they were pleased to discover the school only uses sustainable palm oil.”

Another child who used to look forward to a pot of Nutella in his stocking every year, has informed his bemused mum to take it off his list, as around a third of the ingredient in the chocolate and hazelnut spread is palm oil. There are other reports a trip to Tesco took two hours for one mother and her son, as he insisted on checking every ingredient in the trolley.

“Some of them were in tears after watching the advert it has really touched a chord,” said Ms Fielden.

“The children have written a poem and we’ve made a short video with them narrating it, and I’m pleased to say it has become the most watched video on the St David’s website at present.”


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