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Meet the new Queen at Cader House

A year on after becoming House Parent at Cader House, Sian Mulvihill, has injected her own energy into the boarding house.

Mrs Mulvihill who is also Head of History at SDC is in charge of 30 boys from Year 8 to Year 13. She lives in the house with her husband Phillip and their two cats Shadow and Smudge.

Since her tenure Cader has been given a bit of a feminine touch with rooms now furnished with new rugs and furniture, and the boys are encouraged to put posters up in their rooms.

“Every day is a whirlwind,” laughs Mrs Mulvihill, who before becoming a teacher worked in a bank and for the Inland Revenue.

“When we first moved in Cader it had a very masculine air about it, but I think I’ve changed that and now it’s a lot calmer in the house and the different age groups talk to each other more.”

She says her husband who works for Airbus in Broughton, is on hand to help with homework, and drives the boys to Asda once a week so they can stock up on treats and essentials.

The couple operate an open door at their flat, and many of the Cader boys can be found watching television with them or chatting about their day.

“I think the most important thing for the boys, is having time for them some want to just relax in the flat with us, others simply want to offload about something that is bothering them,” explained Mrs Mulvihill.

The boys get together for karaoke and Wii nights, and a more recent favourite is watching Grand Tour together on Amazon Prime.


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