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Keeping St David’s College Pupils Engaged Online

A real challenge that has arisen from moving all St David’s College teaching online has been keeping the pupils engaged. Holding the attention of young enquiring minds is something that the teachers throughout St David’s College have achieved in the lockdown with great success.

Year 5 and 6 teachers Miss. Emily Fielden and Mrs. Anna George have pulled together and have been working hard to promote engagement in their online classes.

“In the first lockdown, teaching online was new and exciting. Now the novelty of having the camera on has definitely worn off.” Miss. Fielden said

“It’s very difficult to teach kids when they don’t have their cameras on, so we’ve been trying to initiate fun activities to encourage the pupils to keep them engaged.”

During February, our Year 5 and 6 pupils made the most of conditions by giving their studies a ‘Polar Theme’. The cross-curricular links into Arctic and Antarctic life were incorporated into various subjects, such as History, Art, Geography, Design, Science, Maths, & English throughout the term.

Before the Easter break, the pupils’ lessons had a 70’s and 80’s theme where they looked at the Historical and Cultural events including music and fashion. All this culminated in Fancy Dress Fridays where the pupils came to lessons dressed in clothes from that week’s theme decade and made amazing playlists on Spotify.

“We’ve been using break-out rooms as well,” said Mrs. George “we send the kids out into the rooms to do group work together. It gives them something different from normal lessons and helps keep things fresh. Sometimes, when we come back to check how they’re doing, the kids aren’t talking about the topic, they’re just having a chat with their friends – this is great! Not every single second in a classroom is about structured learning, some of it is about being with your friends and socialising. We’re trying to recreate that but in the virtual world.”

Like all the staff in St David’s College, Miss. Fielden and Mrs. George have also been keeping an eye on the mental health of their pupils.

“The Lockdowns have been tough on us all, not least the children. We’ve introduced an online anonymous chat board where pupils are given a code to access it. They can post anything they like there and that is only visible to us teachers” Mrs. George said.

“Some of the messages coming through give real insight to some of the worries our pupils have, but they don’t want to say to the whole class. It’s a great of connecting with the children and letting them know that they can express themselves and we’re here to listen”

If you'd like to see more of the super creative and crazy things our St David's College Year 5 & 6 pupils get up to, take a look at the dedicated Instagram page here (@years5and6_sdc)

If you would like to hear more about St David’s College year 5 & 6 curriculum, follow this link to request a prospectus


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