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Hygge at Augusta House

Soup night has become a ritual in Augusta House, where the girls gather to enjoy a cosy evening of bread and soup making with their House Parent Mrs Stephenson.

At 8pm every Sunday evening the girls wander in to Mrs Stephenson’s flat where she lives with her husband and their two children, and the house dog Copper, who has become an integral part of the house family.

This Sunday night routine started around six years ago when the girls back then weren’t very enthusiastic about the school’s Sunday roast (things have since changed), and so Mrs Stephenson offered to make the hungry girls some soup and so a new tradition was started.

“Everybody has a favourite soup-Maddie likes nettle soup but it’s the wrong time of year for nettles, Olivia enjoys spinach and coconut but anything tomato based is usually a hit,” said Mrs Stephenson.

“The bread-maker goes on and we make rolls or more recently we’ve been plaiting bread.”

She added: “The TV never goes on, we all just talk, and I’ll ask them if they’ve done their homework and if they’ve put clean sheets on their beds and so on.”

“It’s a time to relax and to wind-down after the weekend, and some of the older girls will stay with us until 10.30pm at night.”

Olivia added: “All the girls love Sunday night, and when I was at home ill the other week all I kept on thinking about was what I was missing out on at school, and I especially didn’t want to miss out on soup and roll night, it’s because it’s like being in a family.”

Daisy enjoys soup and roll night at Augusta.


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