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​Divas, gospel and jazz in our vibrant music department

The music department has been steadily building over the last years and now occupies a high profile within the school.

There are three choirs. The junior choir comprises years 5-7 and performs at major school events such as Speech Day and the carol service. The main choir for pupils and staff performs a wide variety of songs at various events in school and in the local community. This is a popular group, with about 20% of the entire school attending rehearsals. The Divas are a chamber singing group that perform Capella pieces of many styles in concerts and gigs. Other groups include Junior Jazz, for instruments starting out, and Senior Jazz, which backs the choir and Divas in Gospel and pop songs as well as performing on their own for gigs. This group also acts as a stage band for the annual school musical, which this year was ‘High School Musical’ There are at least two pupil who have started up their own rock and pop bands, which headline the annual Band Night and Christmas Concert celebrations, and many pupils who are confident enough to perform very well in a solo capacity.

To engender this confidence, the emphasis is on practical involvement and teamwork within the classroom. Pupils appraise, compose and perform in a variety of genres during the assignments, and sing each lesson. Uptake at BTEC level 2 and 3 is well above national averages, and the music department is a vibrant and noisy place to be.

Chris Ward-is Head of Music and is an experienced and well qualified teacher who loves practical music, especially jazz and rock, and vocal music. Thus the department has an emphasis in these styles, although of course other styles are also well represented. Chris plays piano and trumpet and is getting better at the bass guitar! Rachel Ward-teaches music and is similarly well qualified and experienced. She is a flautist who conveys a lot of enthusiasm within her classes, and certainly keeps the profile of music at a high level within the school.

Instruments are taught weekly and 1-1 by instrumental teachers in a weekly basis and encompass everything from drum kit to bassoon with everything in between!


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