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Discover why Year 5 are egg-static

The Year Five classroom has become the most popular spot at St David’s College all thanks to some very cute chicks.

The class is currently studying Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. To help bring the subject to life Year Five teacher Miss Fielden rented an incubator and bought 10 fertilised chicken eggs. After 21 days of incubation all the eggs (apart from one casualty) hatched in front of a very delighted class.

“There’s been huge excitement in the classroom since we had the eggs and now we have some very cute chicks,” said Miss Fielden.

“My pupils have been lining outside the classroom very early in the morning as they can’t wait to come in!”

Teams have been set up to make sure the chicks are well cared for. Their home is spring-cleaned daily, and they are meticulously fed and watered.

Amelie said: “I love looking after and seeing the chicks. I did a power point about them the other day as I wanted to know more about them.”

She continued: “They’ve all got names such as Tiny Tim, who really is tiny and Egg Head as he still had bits of the eggshell on his head when we named him.”

Amelie added: “I also love holding them as they are very fluffy, and gentle.”

“When they were hatching we couldn’t help them, as the ones that can’t get out by themselves wouldn’t survive-that’s what Charles Darwin said.”


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