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A Look at our Year 12 Leadership Day

Starting life in Year 12 (that’s the Lower 6th Form to those of a certain age) is a big step up for all students in all schools. At St David’s College, part of the transition process for our students involves spending time with the Outdoor Education Department on a day course designed entirely for learning about, practicing and developing practical leadership skills.

A host of active tasks, brain teasers and problem-solving exercises have had groups of pupils navigating around the campus during this first week of the term. Some involved physical challenges while others posed a more mental challenge, but all of them involved the key elements of trust, teamwork, communication and taking on a position of leadership within a team.

We’re extremely proud of these students, many of whom are still finding their feet and making new friends during this first week of school. Being a role model to the younger years is a big responsibility, which is why we feel it is so important to start the year with some practical preparation. Strategies for peak performance, positivity and wellbeing were discussed and trialled in order to set the standard for the years ahead.

During the day there was an abundance of teamwork exercises and a rather unusual one that involved a mousetrap and blindfolds!

“It was really interesting as you learnt about different types of leadership,” said Lily, who is studying History, Geography, Welsh and English at A level.

“The mousetrap and blindfolds were used during the trust exercise,” explained Zach, who is also studying the same subjects as Lily. He added: “The person is blindfolded and then their partner has to guide them as to when to move their hand before the mousetrap is set off but luckily no one was hurt!”

Amy, who has just joined the school, and is taking History, Geography and Art said: “I thought it was a great way to get to know each other. It was a real ice-breaker and it was good to bounce ideas off each other.” Amelia, who is studying DT, Art, Science and Business, added: “It’s great to be back at the school after such a long time. I was getting really bored at home.”

Zach added: “I agree! Even though the online learning was really great, you can’t really beat being in the classroom again and seeing the teachers face to face.”

Thanks to all the pupils in Year 12 who rose to the challenges in true St David’s style with humour, enthusiasm and creativity. Exciting times await…


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