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A focus on...Maths

Everybody can do maths! Some achieve this by having a tenacious attitude, resilience and persistence whereas others see the wonders and patterns in mathematics.  For the latter, it is important that the mathematics department offers them insights into the world and develop their ability. This is achieved in the following ways:

In class by:

• Teachers anticipating and adapting using problems that can extend the more able learners.

• Using skilful questioning to promote conceptual understanding and deep learning.

• Allowing students time to explore, think and reflect.

• Having extension activities that combine breadth and depth.

• Developing personal learning and thinking skills.

Outside of class:

The department has introduced PRET style homework for Years 9 & above. This stands for Practice, Research, Extend and Think and this will help students to develop their independent learning skills.

• Practice, the element which consolidates the learning though differentiated questions.

• Research, a short independent task which requires them to use their journaling skills.

• Extend, more challenging questions to stretch their abilities.

• Think, this combines both a literacy element where students need to find and learn key words or definitions and their ability to memorise them.

Online Learning Platforms:

The department is introducing Mathletics to support autonomous learning in a fun and friendly way, together with ‘Integral’ which supports the A level program.

The Curriculum:

•All students follow the same mastery curriculum at Years 7 & 8, Stretch is provided using differentiated lessons and mathematical investigations. Then at the beginning of Year 9, most students start a GCSE course. Some classes have the opportunity to complete two GCSEs (Mathematics and Further Mathematics) by the end of Year 11 and further opportunities exist for example. GCSE statistics. During the sixth form students have similar opportunities where qualifications in  A level Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Further Mathematics are available.


Pupils from St David's participate in different mathematic competitions including Primary, UKMT and team events including Maths Feast. It is important that whilst some highly able students are stretched there are three things that need to prevail:

• That pupils have mastery of the content that they have covered – we expect them to get a really high score in any assessment

• That they can cope with the demands of the work for higher levels

• That their program of study is planned to ensure progression and continuity

Mathematics Investigations

Currently the Year 7’s are undertaking their first Mathematical Investigation. This is a literacy and numeracy task where they have to tell the story about the mathematics they are completing. It requires them to make predictions like science experiments and as they progress through the school they will develop skills required across the curriculum including access to the Extended Project Qualification, which is required by some of the top universities.


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