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A Focus...Computer Aided Design

The importance of good Design Technology teaching, with up to date technology has been clearly cited by many in industry, and a recent report states: ‘We need to keep pace with employers' demands for high quality, up-to-date technical education so businesses can thrive at home and we can compete abroad’. The Design and Technology Association agreed with the report's findings that ongoing high-quality training was essential for the effective teaching of design and technology.

The UK has a wealth of engineering, manufacturing and creativity in businesses small and large, all of which need young, enthusiastic and skilled employees. Computer Aided Design is vital part of the design process that these companies use. Our CAD courses provide our students with a very valuable experience in working in the 3D environment and designing in an iterative and creative way that is currently used in industry. In addition to this they will be using and applying a wealth of numeracy skills to use the software. Even the most basic CAD session requires the application of geometry, measurement and mental strategies. Teaching design, engineering, and numeracy through CAD can give a 3D physical ‘realness’ to concepts such as geometry that often are hard to grasp without that visualisation.

As a means of getting a good grounding of industrial techniques into school we enable our students to manufacture some of their designs immediately using a 3D printer, 3D CNC miller or laser cutter, thereby giving them tangible results from their design process. Our aim is to investigate and implement the potential of emerging manufacturing technologies to support innovative and stimulating ways of teaching STEM and design subjects.

Design a beam in three minutes – then bend it! A simple task?

A common task in the engineered world, and one that keeps us all safe, is the ability of designers and engineers to create structures and components that will not fail in service. We can use computer modelling systems to help us design and test components long before they are manufactured.This short video is an introduction to the type of analysis that we will be conducting during the next half term. We will be using the type of data contained in this video to design (and re-design) components that are both safe to use and cost-effective.


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