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Ten children are going to school every day thanks to you


Ten children in Uganda are going to school each day thanks to last year’s hugely successful Christmas bag appeal.

Over 150 bags filled with goodies made their way to Kampala, due to the generosity of parents and SDC staff. Many of the children who received them reportedly cried tears of joy when they opened the bags up-they were filled with stationary, toothpaste, soap, flannels and for the lucky ones-sweets.

For the first-time last year rather than packing shoe boxes for the Samaritans Christmas appeal, we decided that we would send our gifts directly to schools and communities that we have already established links with in Kampala. These are communities that many of our pupils have been visiting over the last 15 years, so the children and families that we visit and develop friendships with will be the direct recipients of our gifts.

The other significant change that we made is that we decided to fill drawstring sports bags rather than shoeboxes.

Zoe Calder, who works in the Admissions Department, delivered the bags.

She said: “Many children in Uganda can only attend school if they can afford to buy certain items, one of which is a school bag, so the bag is something they can make good use of.”

Zoe continued: “Ten children are in school simply because of the bags, the parents didn’t have to worry about having to buy stationary and so on.”

“The empty shoeboxes also create rubbish in an area that has no provision for waste disposal, so it is important for us not to add to that problem,” added Zoe, whose long-term dream is to set up a school in Uganda.

So, what can you do next?

If you wish to take part in our Christmas bag appeal, then please see the leaflet below that lists the items we recommend for boys and girls. Your son/daughter can collect the bags from either Mrs Davies classroom or Miss Calder’s office for £3.50 (to include the cost of getting them out to Uganda). This can also be placed on the bill. If, however, you are unable to purchases and fill a bag but would like to donate some money towards one, then please use ParentPay for a donation. We suggest approximately £20 per bag, to include £3.50 postage.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Miss Calder or Mrs Davies.



How to fill your bag for a boy or girl.

Toothbrush / toothpaste​



Hair accessories​






A photo of you! ​


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