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Uganda Unlocked Freedom To Flourish

The St David’s team took their compassion, skills and self-assurance to Uganda to impact many lives in grassroots communities.

Working with a social work NGO in Kampala the team arranged for 24 children from the top Primary School class to come down to the campsite by Queen Elizabeth National Park for a 3 night stay with them.

On the agenda were an interschool debate and sports and a field study in the national park, studying salt production in Lake Katwe and coffee production with the Volcanoes Trust.

After a week at the campsite the team moved to the tea plantation community where John has been directing the planning and building of Nkuru College to bring vocational skills to young people.

Watching the pupils teach Food Technology and Computer Aided Design, Tim said, “I was completely in awe of our young people, their skill at teaching, their command of the skills they were sharing and their self-assurance were remarkable. I watched Sarah and Rachna command a presence in a classroom of teachers and students, I experienced the most amazing mango crumble produced from a food tech lesson with Hannah, and I saw Valerie engrossed in experimenting in creating an innovative raised bed with a potential irrigation drip system from plastic bottles.”

Returning to Kampala we visited the ‘Beads Community’. Over the last 8 years or so we have encouraged the ladies who work in the quarries to find an alternative income by making beads and other products from recycled paper, we discovered they were now back in the quarries. Significant barriers had developed preventing them from selling in the local markets and to tourists. Using their entrepreneurial minds our young people teased out new opportunities for the ladies to reinvigorate their alternative incomes.

Lucy Body, now a SENCO in another school, was on our Outdoor Ed staff for a number of years and has continued to lead the Uganda team for the last 8 years, spoke about the team, “They are incredibly inspiring, focused, talented, super caring with beautiful smiles.”


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