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Summer Fayre 2018

Even if you attended the St David’s College Summer Fayre, you may have missed out on some of the music due to the temptation of the glorious barbecue or Parisella’s ice cream; so here’s a not-so-short rundown of the musical talent of St David’s.

Opening for us was Dr Ward’s Jazz Band. This completed the atmosphere at St David’s and complimented the aura of food, sweaty post-sports day teenagers and socialising. Following this we had a solely female group called ‘Divas’. They sang a series of pop songs accompanied by the jazz band prior. The genre flipped songs went down a treat with those who attended the fayre.

The next duo, Jade and Ruby are completely impossible to forget with their intricate yet effortless harmonies. Not only did their harmonies seem effortless but Jade’s guitar playing was note for note perfect - a skill most of us can only dream of.

Next came the teacher’s band, less commonly known as ‘Something for the Mums’. They opened with Bryan Adams’ ‘Run To You’ which was so good that Headmaster Andy Russell was seen (and heard) singing along. I’d say the suit was pretty Rock ‘n’ Roll, Mr Russell. The band then went on to perform Use Somebody and Wherever You Will Go. They ended with Summer of ‘69 which I observed to have incredible timing from all areas of the band. Drummer John Rogowski stood out particularly for his talent with timing, never being so much as a millisecond off beat. For the band, performing seemed to come as naturally as breathing. Though, someone might want to mention that they don’t need to do extra curricular activities anymore.

Now finally we heard, saw and loved the aptly named ‘Year 10 Band’.They opened with a song called Dissonance and then Hard To Handle by The Black Crowes, Sweet Home Alabama and then something that frontman Josh Davies claimed “wouldn’t be very good”. This was later proven to be a downright lie. Not only do this band know how to make you go home and google a song - thank you, Hard To Handle has been stuck in my head for the past two days. But they perform and have such a stage (or tent) presence that put the original artists to shame.

The song that the band ended the summer fayre with does not yet have a name as in Mr Davies’ words he “only finished the lyrics 5 minutes before we went on”. Though, if that method is good enough for the likes of Jeff Buckley, It’s good enough for the Year 10 Band.

Overall, I’d say that the talent at St David’s is unlike any school I’ve witnessed. Not only are their song choices spectacularly different to what you’d expect, but the talent and confidence and willingness to participate is so overwhelming at such a young age.


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