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Spotlight on Girl's Boarding

There are 19 girls currently residing in the cosy confines of Augusta House.

We spoke to a few of them to ask what it’s like to be a female boarder at the school.

What very much was immediately evident was how close the girls were, and how the older ones looked after the younger ones. The ages of the boarders range from ten to 18.

We spoke in Augusta’s large kitchen, where the girls if they wish can prepare food.

“I first started boarding in Year Six and I struggled at first being from home,” said Olivia, in Year 11.

“I used to go home at the weekends, as I come from Chester which is only an hour away.

“But I go home far less frequently now, and I really love boarding in Augusta, it’s a lovely house I think we have the best boarding house at the school!”

Olivia continued: “It’s like a home from home, it’s very cosy especially on a Saturday night when we have a themed evening where we all cook something together like a pizza and watch movies-Saturday night is always movie night.”

All the girls raved about Steph, their house mother. Mrs Stephenson has been in charge of Augusta

for the past five years. She lives there with her with her husband Jez and their two young daughters.

Rachna, in Year 13, said: “I felt really ill one night and went to see Mrs Stephenson at 4am and she was just so lovely with me.

“She knows us all inside out and can tell if we’ve had a bad day, as she’ll have a quiet word with us asking if we are ok.”

Aria, in Year 6, agreed saying: “If we do have any arguments within the house, she’s really good at untying the knots!

“But she’ll only get involved if she feels she needs too.”

The girls all help look after the house, and a noticeboard is up in the kitchen showing a kitchen cleaning rota that must be obeyed!

“What people don’t realise is how independent boarding makes us,” said Anita, in Year 13.

“Going to University isn’t going to such a huge step for us, as we’ve already lived from home and learnt to cook and do our own washing.

“We had some cooking classes the other evening, so we could learn a few extra dishes to cook at Uni, the boys came to that too.”

When asked if they were ever bored at weekends or during the evenings the girls all cried “No!” in unison.

Aria said” “I’m never, ever bored because there is always a friend to talk to in the house.

“During the evenings there are many activities I can get involved in such as going to the beach or I can go for a barbeque at Cader, my school house, and at the weekends we go into Snowdonia or can go to Chester for shopping, it’s good.”

The talk then turned to the imminent arrival of a pet puppy to the house, Mrs Stephenson is going to have her hands very full.


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