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A Parent's Story

A COUPLE from Hong Kong were at the end of their tether until they found St David’s College, as the education system in the Chinese province was failing their son.

Until Orin McGinn came to SDC just over a year ago, he hated education and according to his parents his self-confidence was virtually non-existent.

His mother would lie awake at 3am during the night, wondering where she could find a suitable school for her son, who was struggling with a very rigid schooling system on Hong Kong island.

“In Hong Kong, Orin would go to school with his head slumped, and would always arrive home looking miserable,” said his mother Morag McGinn.

She continued: “The international schools on the island teach at a certain pace and the less academic students just get left behind and there is no help for someone like Orin, who is dyslexic.

“The only way they would address it, was to give him even more homework. His writing is poor and the way they tried to ‘help’ was to make him write 100 lines of ‘My shoes are made with leather’.”

A close friend in North Wales who knew the struggles the family were going through recommended SDC.

“In desperation Orin and I moved to Northern Ireland, so he could attend a Rudolph Steiner school, and he loved it but meant the family were apart as Mark, my husband, is a pilot with Cathay Pacific, so it was hard to see each other,” said Mrs McGinn.

“We moved back to Hong Kong thinking Orin was now a little older, but almost immediately he again struggled at school, then a friend recommended looking at St David’s College.”

She said within five minutes of visiting the school, she knew it was the right place for Orin.

“It’s strange to say this but it just felt perfect straight away, it has a lovely feel and I think St David’s has similarities to a Rudolph Steiner school.

“It has a more holistic way of teaching and caring for your child and since coming here Orin has never looked back.”

Mr McGinn says Orin now enjoys education, and cares about his grades.

“He’s talking to us about the things he’s learning and it’s a joy as he’d never discuss school in a positive way before,” said Mr McGinn.

“Orin will contact me on WhatsApp all the time and tell me what exciting thing he’s been getting up to.

“He’s a changed boy, and now holds his head high and it’s all down to St David’s College.”


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