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Mad Haven's Single Release

It’s probably every boy’s dream at some point to want to be a rock star, and one group of boys from SDC moved a little closer to that possibly becoming a reality this week.

Mad Haven was formed in 2011 when Alex Rogowski and Joe Fisher were both ten and Alex’s brother Tom was just nine years of age.

Seven years on they are filling venues with a 600-strong capacity in many part of North Wales and the North West, and have just released an EP.

“The two-track single called The Truth is released through the Animal Farm record label,” said Tom, the lead singer and guitarist.

“We recorded it at the label’s studios in London last October. It was an incredible experience for us.”

Tom, who is also the song writer for the band, said the band funded the recording session through Crowd Funding, and selling CDs at their gigs.

“You can buy the EP through Spotify, iTunes and Deezer,” said Alex, 18, who plays drums.

“Of course, we’d like to be rock stars who wouldn’t, but in case it doesn’t happen I’m going to university to either study law or automotive engineering after my A ‘levels and BTEC exams later this year.”

You will be able to download the single from iTunes in the next few weeks and also stream it online from Spotify.


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