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Head of Boarding

SDC’s new head of boarding is the former head of Tryfan house, Sue Davies-who made history at the school for being the first ever woman to be appointed to head a house.

Sue who is married to Chris, a policeman, and has two small children, Theo and Finn, headed Tryfan successfully for over six years and was mourned by many when she decided to step down last July for family reasons and moved off site.

Although she won’t be returning to live at the school, she’s excited by her new role and is brimming with fresh ideas to improve and develop boarding.

From now all housemasters will report to Sue, and they will be meeting weekly.

Sue, who also teaches maths and psychology A ‘level, said living off site has made her realise she missed various aspects of boarding and the boarders.

“One of the most crucial role as a housemaster is to create a family atmosphere in the house,” said Sue.

“Housemaster’s are hugely important in a boarder’s life, because at the end of the day they spend more time at school than they do at home.

“What I miss living off-site is when I was at Tryfan if my husband was working a night shift, and I had put my kids to bed, I’d always have the company of the boarders.

“I also miss switching the lights off and saying good night to them, it’s something I always did as I knew that’s what their mothers’ would do and I still do it when I’m on duty.”

Sue said she is passionate about improving the experience of boarding for the pupils.

“I’m taking this role on because I want to improve things, to find solutions to problems,” she said.

“We can always improve things, and in the future, we will be refurbishing the houses bit by bit.

“I also want to break down the barriers between the houses as sometimes it can get a bit too competitive, to me it’s not always about winning house competitions, it’s about creating a sense of family.

“With the help of the housemasters’ we will be working out how to make life better for the boarders here.”

Cader Housemaster

SDC wishes to congratulate Sian Mulvihill on being appointed as the new housemaster of Cader House.

Sian who is currently head of history at the school, is married to Phillip, and has an 18-year-old daughter, Emma-a former pupil at SDC, currently studying musical theatre.

The 45-year-old originally from the Wirral, has in the past worked in banking and at the Inland Revenue.

“I’ve always been interested in the pastoral side of things-in the care and welfare of children,” said Sian.

“My job at Cader will be to help make the boarders happy and successful.

“I’ll be organising trips, playing games and so on, the sort of things that parents would do.”

She added: “Cader is known as the most competitive house but I’d like us to become a little less so as I think the taking part is what’s important.

“I’d also like all the houses to gel together a little more.”


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