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A study of self

Over the next three months one of the UK’s foremost artist’s will be sculpting in public at the Mostyn gallery in Llandudno, as part of a new exhibition which showcases some of the brightest artistic talent North Wales has to offer.

Sculptor Nick Elphick feared before he went to St David’s College, in Llandudno, he’d end up on the streets such was his low self-esteem because of his severe dyslexia.

By the age of 12 he was finding life extremely challenging-both socially and academically.

His parents, at the end of their tether, dropped him off at St David’s College telling him “just to try it out” for the day, and Nick never looked back.

He says the school gave him the confidence to discover something he was good at which was art, and since following that path he has become a nationally recognised artist, working alongside the likes of Damien Hirst.

He is currently taking part in a group exhibition at Mostyn, in Llandudno, that explores the creative act and brings together work by artists and by creative people working in trades not traditionally shown in an art gallery.

Nick’s hugely personal work will be exploring the human condition using himself as the vessel.

Over the next three months he will be sculpting in public, a figure in oil based clay of himself.

“This is a constantly evolving artistic study of my real self, through which I want to learn who I am and therefore grow – emotionally, artistically, physically and mentally,” said the 38-year-old who lives in Llandudno.

“As an artist, I have battled with inner struggles. I am neither a reader nor a writer, dyslexia prevents me from understanding and translating myself and the world around me in the form of language.

“My struggle with severe dyslexia as a child, compounded by an educational system that at that time, seemed to have little knowledge of the disorder, meant that by the age of 12, I was finding life extremely challenging, both socially and academically.”

He continued: “Within weeks of starting at St David’s, my life changed, radically.

“Their visionary approach to education brought out my innate strengths and talents, and slowly but surely, my feelings of self-worth and confidence increased.

“I discovered art, something that I was finally good at, and it was with their support and encouragement that I found my path in life and became the sculptor I am today.

“One of my first personal pieces to do with self and the human condition, now resides in the grounds of the school.”


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