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Anita's dream to open African School

One of SDC’s more quiet and unassuming pupils gave an unforgettable presentation to the school this week, about helping in slums in Africa.

Sixth former Anita Macha’s ambition is to establish a school in Tanzania, where she’s from.

The 18-year-old who is studying Performing Arts, Business Studies and Maths, says whenever she is home she heads to one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, in Kenya, to help at one of the schools.

“My mother works for the United Nations, and is based in Nairobi, I told her I wanted to help the children at a school in the slums and she let me do it,” said Anita.

“I’m very privileged to be at St David’s and so I want to give something back.

“It’s so sad to see kids in the slums with nothing to do as their parents can’t afford to send them to school even though it only costs a few pounds a term to send them.

“Some of them are very bright and they want to become pilots and lawyers, but probably are more likely to end up as street cleaners as they don’t receive a proper education.

“I go to the school to try and motivate them, there are 600 pupils and they are desperate for books and stationary.”

Anita also helps in a village called Arusha in Tanzania where she says the situation is even more dire.

“Children in Arusha don’t even go to school, girls as young as nine get married off,” she said.

“The kids drink really bad water, and there are no opportunities it’s heart-breaking.

“What I want to do is study at university after St David’s then go back and establish a school, I’m determined to do it.”


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