10th February 2020 at St David's College, North Wales

A FREE CPD training day designed for Independent Prep School SENCOs and Heads to share best practice and further the development of learning provision and inclusivity. 

Seminars by leading experts:


Neil Mckay

Joanna Jeffery MBE 

Judy Hornigold

Dr Faye Favill

Seminars will focus on creating Dyslexia friendly classrooms, Dyscalculia, assistive technology and using games in teaching reading skills. 

Why is it free?

Call it Christmas spirit or call it inspiration after we attended the British Dyslexia Association Awards dinner, but we have decided to make our SEN Inclusive Learning conference FREE. The marketing department looked at the cost of one printed advert versus the cost of a training day that could potentially improve the learning experience of great number of pupils. A simple numbers exercise lead them to one conclusion - the money was better spent delivering a real difference to our industry and giving it as a gift to Prep Schools from across the UK. 

A conference for Prep School SENCos and Heads. 

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St David's College

- Est. 1965 -

We are proud to organise and host this event that will enable us to pass on our expertise and knowledge as well as those of our guest speakers. We hope this event will allow delegates to create a useful forum in which to improve the SEN teaching in our schools.

St David's College has a 50 year success story founded on a visionary approach to education. We are a mainstream independent boarding and day school educating children from 9 to 19 years of age. Through partnership with parents we discover the gifts of each child, remove the barriers to learning and lead young people to realise their full potential. Our highly regarded SEN provision, helping those with dyslexia and associated learning needs, works seamlessly in our mainstream environment.

This uniquely innovative approach will provide your child the freedom to flourish.