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As part of our drive forward with innovation and excellence in technological education, we are particularly excited by our newly designed Project Based Learning initiative which we are calling SDC TEC.


Our new initiative will allow our Y12/13 students, individually or in small teams, the option of work with external ‘clients’, assisting with the design and development of new products or the re-design of existing products, and the creation of virtual (CAD) prototypes or functional physical) prototypes.


In order to achieve our goal we will be investing heavily in new software - we already have excellence in AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor and have now added CREO4 to our portfolio, so students will gain industrial qualifications City and Guilds) using the best software available, as part of the initiative. As the initiative progresses we will also be investing in industry capable rapid prototyping equipment.


It is our firm aim that his initiative will not only offer a unique educational experience, but will have the additional possibility of placing students into full-time employment directly from school.

Download the SDC TEC brochure here